ASG Holding, LLC is a vertically integrated agribusiness, which comprises commodity trading, crop production, grain storage, and processing divisions. The company cultivates 46,000.00 hectares of arable farmlands. As part of a downstream expansion, ASG Holding owns and operates three grain silos, with total concurrent storage capacity of 250,000.00 MT, and a flour mill. These facilities are strategically located in the Northern Kazakhstan and Akmolinskaya regions – the breadbasket of Kazakhstan – a factor, which enables direct access to country's most qualitative grain and oilseed crops. 

Agro-Star Grain, LLC – our partner company – is one of the major agricultural trading houses specializing in exports of Kazakh-origin foodstuffs. A member of the Kazakh Grain Union and the Russian Grain Union, the company, since its establishment in the year 2000, has exported over 3 million tones of agricultural products to international markets. 

The company has earned the status of an official UN World Food Program purveyor, and counts among its clientele government-owned, private, and multinational trading companies.

Headquartered in Almaty, ASG Holding controls a network of regional branches located in the most important grain-growing regions of Kazakhstan. An agricultural market veteran, the company’s mission is to be at the forefront of agribusiness in Kazakhstan.