Crop Production

ASG Holding, LLC is a vertically integrated Kazakh agribusiness which comprises commodity trading, crop production, grain storage, and processing divisions. The company cultivates 46,000.00 hectares of arable farmlands, located in the Northern Kazakhstan region – the breadbasket of Kazakhstan. Having embarked on an holistic campaign to adopt best sustainable agronomic practices while incorporating elements of precision agriculture, ASG is striving to become a local market leader worthy of envy and imitation. This harvest season alone (2014), the company has:

  1. installed real-life vehicle tracking tools to monitor agricultural machinery and fuel delivery systems;
  2.  added rapeseed, linseed, sunflower seed, and medicinal milk thistle to the list of cultivated crops, alongside native crops such as wheat and barley;
  3. purchased land rights to additional 8,000.00 hectares of farmland.

We are committed to the idea of growing our business while adopting industry’s best sustainable practices, a strategy necessitated by both environmental and economic concerns. We are gradually incorportating best sustainable farming practices (e.g. crop rotation, zero-till) to make our produce planet-friendly.