Agro-Star Grain, LLC Trading Partner




Agro-Star Grain, LLCASG Holding's partner company – is one of the major agricultural trading houses specializing in exports of Kazakh-origin foodstuffs. A member of the Kazakh Grain Union and the Russian Grain Union, the company, since its establishment in the year 2000, has exported over 3 million tones of agricultural products to international markets, such as the Black Sea region, Russia, Central Asia, China, and Afganistan. 

The company has earned the status of an official UN World Food Program purveyor, and counts among its clientele government-owned, private, and multinational trading companies.

Headquartered in Almaty, our team of professional commodity traders controls a network of regional branches situated in the most important grain-growing regions of Kazakhstan. An agricultural market veteran proud of its history, the company’s mission is to be at the forefront of agricultural renaissance in Kazakhstan, promoting the renown of Kazakh-origin foodstuffs. 


Trading team at Agro-Star Grain, LLC


Address: 95 Al-Farabi Ave, Suite 42, Almaty, Kazakhstan 050060
tel: +7 (727) 315-48-54, 315-89-74, fax 315-48-91;